Democratization in Southeast Asia: The Case of Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand

Bincang ASEAN Monday, 14 May 2018 Yogyakarta – Recently, the ASEAN Studies Center UGM held its first Bincang ASEAN in 2018 entitled “The Democratization in Southeast Asia: The Case of Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand” at Digilib Café FISIPOL, UGM. This particular Bincang ASEAN featured Hestutomo Restu Kuncoro, M.A. (Alumni of Manchester University) with Ezka Amalia […]


Internship Program

ASEAN Studies Center Universitas Gajah Mada membuka kesempatan magang untuk mahasiswa dari seluruh jurusan di universitas di Yogyakarta yang akan berkesempatan untuk terlibat dalam riset serta program akademik yang diselenggarakan oleh ASEAN Studies Center UGM. Output dari pekerjaan intern adalah sebagai berikut: 1. Membuat artikel mengenai isu-isu ASEAN sebanyak 1 buah, dalam Bahasa Indonesia atau […]



KBRI dan Pemerintah Brunei Darussalam membuka program beasiswa “Brunei Darussalam Scholarship on Enhanching Professional Communication Skill for ASEAN” bagi mahasiswa. Program yang ditawarkan: 1. Professional Communication in English 2. Intensive English Proficiency Course (IEPC) Pilihan Periode: 1. 23 April – 8 Juni 2018 2. 9 Juli – 24 Agustus 2018 3. 8 Oktober – 23 […]


Indonesian Foreign Policy under Three Years of Jokowi’s Administration

Siti Widyastuti Noor October 2017, marked the third year of administration for Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi’ Widodo. In the beginning of his administration, Jokowi announced the nine prioritized agendas as Nawa Cita, a program that was initiated as an effort to bring Indonesia into a politically sovereign state, economically independent and cultural personality as a […]

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The ASEAN Enhanced Disputes Settlement Mechanism (EDSM): Functional for Economic Growth or Protecting National Sovereignty?

Suraj Shah As the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) seeks to deepen regional economic integration, the Enhanced Dispute Settlement Mechanism must avoid politicisation to optimise successful integration and economic development in the region. Dispute Settlement Mechanisms (DSM) are fundamental features of economic institutions to ensure optimal outcomes. Governments include DSMs in international institutions to address collaboration […]

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Indonesia Drags Its Feet on ASEAN Haze Treaty

Dio Herdiawan Tobing, Universitas Gadjah Mada In May, I went with my research team to Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, one of Indonesia’s hotspots of land and forest fires. We wanted to know how local administrations view an agreement between ASEAN countries on haze pollution that Indonesia ratified two years ago. We were surprised to hear […]

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ASEAN Studies Center Introduced at Groningen Fall Conference on Challenges of Governance in Southeast Asia and ASEAN

On Tuesday (12/9), M. Prayoga Permana and Dio Herdiawan Tobing, introduced ASEAN Studies Center (ASC) Universitas Gadjah Mada and its the newly established cooperation with Groningen Research Centre on Southeast Asia (SEA ASEAN) and ASEAN at the Centre’s Fall Conference on Challenges of Governance in Southeast Asia and ASEAN. The conference was opened by an […]


Indonesia’s refugee policy – not ideal, but a step in the right direction

Dio Herdiawan Tobing The Indonesian government needs to expand a presidential decree to protect refugees, by turning it into law. The definition the decree uses should also be broadened because it leaves out those fleeing disasters, instead referring only to those fleeing persecution. In December 2016 president Joko Widodo filled a long legal vacuum by […]

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ASEAN After 50: Social Integration and the Challenges of New Geopolitics

  Ahmad Rizky M. Umar and Karina Larasati B. Riyanto What should ASEAN do in the next 50 years? For ASEAN, its survival for the last 50 years is a great achievement. Although some people said that ASEAN has undergone slow and steady development, its survival during the last 50 year has proved ASEAN’s resilience […]

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ASEAN After 50: ASEAN and Good Governance

Pinto Buana Putra ASEAN is a regional organization that is build to accelerate cooperation between member states in regional level. Within ASEAN there is no uniform political quality that would permit generalization about shared political values, culture, and institutions. There is no ASEAN analogy to the “social democracy” like the European integration. Instead, ASEAN is […]

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ASEAN After 50: Mainstreaming Paradiplomacy in ASEAN

Ario Bimo Utomo During the last few decades, sub-state entities have been rising to prominence due to the increasing level of globalization. Anthony Giddens argues that this phenomenon is caused by two colliding forces of globalization, namely the upward force and the downward force. The upward force, as Giddens describes, is a force which diminishes […]

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ASEAN After 50: The Language of Gender Discrimination in Southeast Asia

Farieda Ilhami Zulaikha Why talk when you are a shoulder or a vault Why talk when you are helmeted with numbers Fists have many forms; a fist knows what it can do Without the nuisance of speaking; it grabs and smashes From those inside or under words gush like toothpaste Language, the fist proclaims by […]

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ASEAN After 50: Reflecting ASEAN as Collective Identity

Rifki Maulana Iqbal Taufik The 50th anniversary of ASEAN is the right moment to evaluate every achievement and the projections for the future. An evaluation is not limited only to the implementation of program but how ASEAN is being presented in the society. ASEAN’s approach, so far, appears more elitist / state-centric, rather than people-oriented. […]

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ASEAN After 50: Climate Justice and Smallholder farmers

Ibnu Budiman The combination of climate change mitigation and adaptation is essential for millions of smallholder farmers in ASEAN. However, does it consider farmers’ rights and development to achieve a farmer-centered approach? What could ASEAN do to protect the rights of farmers and the environment in general? ASEAN is one of the world’s largest emitter […]

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