Bincang ASEAN Discusses “Politics in the Boardroom”

ASEAN Studies Center UGM held the second meeting of Bincang ASEAN in Friday (17/3), which invited Indri Dwi Apriliyanti (Lecturer at Department of Public Policy and Management, FISIPOL UGM and PhD Candidate from University of Agder, Norway). The meeting discussed Indri’s dissertation paper about the Politics in the Boardroom, which draws upon her on-going research about state-owned enterprises in Indonesia.

In her paper, Indri develops a theoretical framework to examine the relationships between decision making process and dynamics between Board in emerging market’s state-owned enterprise. She explained some issues related to diverse power distribution of Board members, decision making style, and attentional selection that was resulted from dynamics in the boardroom. She argues that effective decision can be obtained when there is balance of power, the majority of Board uses rational approach, and good corporate governance is operated within the company.

She concluded that Boards is inseparable part in national politcal economy, and more researches is needed to understand state-owned enterprises in emerging market countries, including Indonesia.

Next meeting of Bincang ASEAN will be held in Friday (31/3) to discuss IORA and Possible Shifts in Indonesia’s Foreign Policy.