ICONAS Keynote Speech – Danny Lee

Feature - Remarks Danny Lee

Danny Lee

(Director of Community Development, ASEAN Secretariat)

Mr. Danny Lee focuses his keynote speech on raising the issue of how transforming ASEAN into people centered organization still requires lots of efforts from many stakeholders. Two years ago, ASEAN Secretariat asked the question of “Where is ASEAN?” On a survey about ASEAN, 76% of the respondent does not know what ASEAN is doing. Thus, Mr. Danny Lee is thrilled to have the opportunities to be part of conference like ICONAS as it provides a platform to disseminate to people of what ASEAN does. He also emphasized on what roles ASEAN Studies Center can take in promoting and helping the process of establishing ASEAN Community 2015. One of the very important roles of ASC is on ensuring that ASEAN is a people-centered organization. ASEAN Community in 2015 is ongoing process as it is regional processes. So it is not a done yet. It is a starting process. As to support this processes, ASEAN Studies Center also plays an important role that can focuses on social sciences activities, collaboration and also to discuss new possibilities for ASEAN in green energy for example. Therefore, Mr. Danny Lee is optimist and confidence with the future of ASEAN because.