Winners of “Call for Essay: ASEAN Community Post 2015”


It’s been three weeks since we, ASEAN Studies Center team, announcing a competition on Call of Essay: “ASEAN Community Post 2015”. We are glad to have so many participant which comes from a wide range of age and academic background. Hereby we announce the winners!

1st Winner: “Drawing ASEAN Limits and Strengths in Tackling Terrorism: Study Case of Abu Sayyaf Group” by Novita Putri Rudiany & Kholifatus Saadah

2nd Winner: “What Comes after ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015: A Threat from China’s Economic Downfall” by Niki Wahyu Sayekti

3rd Winner: “A Single Monetary Regime in ASEAN: Panacea or False Hope” by Muhammad Rasyid Ridho & Wening Setyanti


The Other Best 10:

  1. “ASEAN Political-Security Community: The Prospect of South China Sea” by Muhammad Ammar Hidayahtulloh
  2. “Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing in Southeast Asia: Why the International Regime to Regulate Commercial Fishing has Failed” by Muhammad Adrian Gifari Adi & Liya Rizqiya Armina
  3. “The Implementation of Security Pillar in Combating Transnational Crime in Southeast Asia” by Elida Rahajeng Puspitasari
  4. “A Blurry Potrait of Indonesia’s Agriculture Strategy in Asean Economic Community” by Muhammad Ibnu Mundzir
  5. “Narrowing the Education Disparities of ASEAN Higher Education in Post-2015 (Study case: ASEAN University Network as ASEAN Organization of Higher Education)” by Galuh Octania Permatasari & Siti Widyastuti Noor
  6. “ASEAN Financial Integration Post 2015: Key Objectives, Progress, Evaluation and Suggestion” by Calvin
  7. ASEAN Toward Global Market Integration : Enhanced Connectivity & External Relationship” by Arrizka Permata Faida

Congratulations for all the best 10! For those the winners and the best 10 authors please immediately contact Dika (0896-3149-5816) via whatsapp for further information of publication into ASEAN Studies Center website.