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ASEAN dan Pemberantasan Korupsi

Feature - ASEAN Sec
Ahmad Rizky Mardhatillah Umar, Asisten peneliti di ASEAN Studies Center, Universitas Gadjah Mada
 Artikel ini dimuat di Harian Kompas (Siang), 2 Mei 2014


Bisakah ASEAN mendorong pemberantasan korupsi? Seiring dengan semakin dekatnya Komunitas ASEAN, pertanyaan ini lambat laun mulai mengemuka. Apalagi, menjelang Konferensi Tingkat Tinggi (KTT) ASEAN yang tahun ini akan digelar di bawah kepemimpinan Myanmar.

Data Indeks Persepsi Korupsi yang dirilis oleh Transparency International pada tahun 2013 menunjukkan bahwa lima negara anggota ASEAN berada di bawah peringkat 110 dari semua negara yang masuk dalam riset TI. Artinya, perlu upaya pemberantasan korupsi yang lebih komprehensif dan multisektoral dari negara-negara ASEAN. read more read more

Seminar – Championing ASEAN Community 2015: Inside Indonesia


Seminar “Championing ASEAN Community 2015: Inside Indonesia” will be held on Thursday, December 11th 2014 at Ruang Seminar MAP UGM, Fisipol UGM Unit II SEKIP, Jalan Prof. Dr. Sardjito, Yogyakarta. The conference will be started at 08.30 AM.

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Ir. Dwikorita Karnawati, M. Sc., Ph. D. (Rector of Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta)

Registration at ASEAN Studies Center UGM Office, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Gadjah Mada, 5th Floor. Contact person and further information please SMS/Call April (+62 899 4642 170) read more read more

Making ASEAN Democratic

25th ASEAN Summit, Myanmar. Photo Credits: Strait Times

25th ASEAN Summit, Myanmar. Photo Credits: Strait Times

Ahmad Rizky Mardhatillah Umar, Research Assistant at ASEAN Studies Center, Universitas Gadjah Mada

ASEAN has held its 24th and 25th Summit in Myanmar this year. The latest Summit has just held this month, discussiong several important topic about ASEAN’s future, including those happened in South China Sea.

The ASEAN Summit is formally regarded as the highest level in ASEAN Structure. It means that the result of the summit will determine the future of ASEAN. read more

What Does Jokowi’s “Pro-People Diplomacy” Mean for ASEAN?

Retno Marsudi, Minister of Foreign Affaris, Republic of Indonesia. Source: progresivenews.com/

Retno Marsudi, Minister of Foreign Affaris, Republic of Indonesia.
Source: progresivenews.com/

By Ahmad Rizky Mardhatillah Umar, research assistant at ASEAN Studies Center, Universitas Gadjah Mada

Foreign Minister H.E. Retno LP Marsudi has launched her first speech on Indonesia’s Foreign Policy in Wednesday (29/10). At that speech, she embraced several new ideas on what she will do in her term as Foreign Minister and how Indonesia’s foreign policy will be directed under her leadership, including what is now popular as “Pro-People” Foreign policy. read more

A new ASEAN community? Many already live it

Feature - Farish Strait Times

By Farish Ahmad-Noor, For The Straits Times

It is a question that may strike some as being somewhat simple: Where is Asean? However, the simplicity belies a deeper and more complex line of inquiry.

In reply, someone may simply pick up a map and point to the region designated as South-east Asia, and say, “There is where Asean is located”.

But is it? This leads us to ask: What is Asean?

Over the last few decades, the Association of South-east Asian Nations – as a multi-state pact of nation-states – has proven itself successful in many respects, from the prevention of war in South-east Asia to dealing with complex multilateral issues, ranging from cross-border pollution to the movement of Asean citizens to smuggling and terrorism. read more read more


International Conference on ASEAN Studies 2014 (ICONAS 2014) will be held on Wednesday-Thursday, October 1st – 2nd  2014 at Inna Garuda Hotel, Jalan Malioboro, Yogyakarta. The conference will be started at 09.00 AM.

Making ASEAN Works in Rohingya: A Southeast Asian Perspective

Slider - Rohingnya

Ahmad Rizky Mardhatillah Umar

Research Assistant at ASEAN Studies Center, Universitas Gadjah Mada


Rohingya has become the most ironic phennomenon in Southeast Asia. Since 1990s, they have been exiled, displaced from their homeland in northern Myanmar. According to UNHCR, almost 140,000 people still displaced in Rakhine State, while over 800,000 persons are estimated to be without citizenship in the northern part of the State. This conditions “were gravely concerned” by UNHCR and seem to be one of the biggest humanitarian challenge in Southeast Asia today. read more read more

Workshop MEA untuk Pemerintah Daerah

Event - Workshop Pemda

“Kesiapan Pemerintah Daerah Dalam Menghadapi Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN 2015”

Waktu: 18-20 Juni 2014

Tempat: Jogja Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta

Dihadiri oleh 30 perwakilan dari beberapa pemerintah daerah di Indonesia, perwakilan dari dua kementerian terkait yaitu KEMENKO Perekonomian dan Kementerian Perdagangan.  Hasil dari workshop ini adalah komitmen pemerintah daerah dalam membantu mensukseskan MEA 2015”

read more