Paths to Youth Empowerment: Activism, Education, and Mobility

On Wednesday, 7 July 2021, ASEAN Studies Center Universitas Gadjah Mada held a Webinar Series titled “Paths to Youth Empowerment: Activism, Edu cation, and Mobility” which was led by Martin Alistair, Program and Research Intern at ASEAN Studies Center UGM. The discussion highlighted how the youth especially in Southeast Asia has roles in several aspects in building a better future in the region.

The first speaker is Ili Nadiah Dzulfakar, she is a Chairperson in KLIMA Action Malaysia (KAMY). One of the main points of Nadiah’s presentation was the importance of including a diverse set of voices in the fight against climate change. She also mentioned that since COVID started, Klima Action Malaysia has focused on coalition building with other groups that represent these voices and have mobilized youth to provide COVID aid to indigenous communities across Malaysia.

The second speaker is Calvin Wee, he is the Co-Founder of The Young SEAkers. Calvin discussed how the history of ASEAN’s formation causes unique challenges in the development of a common ASEAN identity, particularly due to the diversity of culture, development, and history of countries in ASEAN. He explained how the common ASEAN identity is important for ASEAN to adjust to the world order, and cope with unique challenges that have arisen due to globalization. He argued that youth collaboration, cultural understanding, and friendships across ASEAN are critical to the formation of this common identity.

This webinar was organized by the Research and Program Interns at ASEAN Studies Center UGM from HKU College, Mueller Kieta Grace and Martin Alistair.

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