ASEAN Studies Center Achievement

  • International Conference on ASEAN Studies, an international conference on ASEAN Studies that is held annually in partnership with Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University and University of Malaya)
  • ASC Research Seminars, an annual event that is held annually to disseminate outputs of ASC Research Projects to public audiences.
  • Visiting Fellowships, a fellowship scheme that invites academics to visit ASEAN Studies Center in a period of time and engages in academic activities held by the Center.
  • Public Lectures and Discussions, that is held to disseminate knowledge to public audiences
  • Research Partnership, that was held with several universities, such as Thammasat University (Thailand) and University of Melbourne (Australia)







  • ASEAN Youth International Exchange Programmes, an annual Summer School that intends to gather around youth in ASEAN Member States to promote the sense of ASEAN Community in broader community level.
  • ASEAN Goes to School, an event supervised by ASEAN Studies Centre to promote ASEAN Community to High School students in Yogyakarta
  • ASEAN Training Center, a training scheme that facilitates government officials, business sectors, and wider professional elements to learn about ASEAN and its importance for Professional Development and Impacts in the workplace.



ASEAN Studies Center UGM has secured research grants to conduct several researches related to ASEAN, including:

  1. Small-and-Medium Enterprises and Economic Regionalism in ASEAN
  2. Stakeholders Diplomacy in ASEAN: The Case of Human Rights NGOs and Small and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia
  3. Civil Services and Economic Regionalism in ASEAN
  4. Identity and sense of ASEAN Community in Indonesia: The Case of Youth in Yogyakarta
  5. Higher Education and Economic Integration in Southeast Asia
  6. Women and Social Activism in Southeast Asian regional landscape
  7. Compliace in Fragmented Governance: Understanding Multi-Level Governance in Southeast Asia
  8. Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Southeast Asia: The Case of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand
  9. Governance of HIV/AIDS in Southeast Asia: The Case of Indonesia

Ongoing Research