• Thesis Advice Program

Thesis Advice Program


Are you student doing undergraduate/postgraduate student writing Thesis about ASEAN? We would keen to hear from you and give some advises! We have several staffs with diverse research interest who will be able to comment to your research. In addition, we will start several research projects this year, which might be relevant to students’ areas of research.

We are happy to read and give some advises on Undergradute/Master/Doctoral Thesis related to:

•Theory and Methodology in International Relations and ASEAN Studies

•Maritime Security issues in ASEAN

•Multi-Level Governance in ASEAN

•Rohingya and Refugee Issues in ASEAN

•Local Governance and ASEAN Economic Community

•Indonesia's Foreign Policy in ASEAN

•Environmental Law and Global/Regional Politics in Southeast Asia

•Media and ASEAN

•Human Rights in ASEAN

•Gender Issues in ASEAN

•Tourism in ASEAN

•Digital Integration in ASEAN

•Health Governance in ASEAN

•The Rise of China and ASEAN

•Other topics relevant to ASEAN Regional Governance.


If your Thesis research falls into one of these topics, send us your research proposal to aseansc@ugm.ac.id and cc to ahmad.rizky.m@mail.ugm.ac.id