Towards ASEAN Digital Community: Digital Divide and ICT Cooperations in ASEAN

Project Leader: Dio H. Tobing, SIP and Aninda Dewayanti, SIP

This research aims to assess (1) the construction of Information and Communication Technolocy (ICT) cooperations in ASEAN and (2) the extent to which these cooperations resolve digital divide among Southeast Asian states. Whilst ASEAN has established an advanced framework for cooperations for ICT, which attempts to integrate digital ICT policies in the region, it is also evident that there is still an uneven ICT development among Southeast Asian states. This uneven ICT development relates to the problem of “digital divide” that takes root in a different process of “digitalisation” in each ASEAN States. Builds on the concept of “digital integration” to resolve “digital divide’ problems in ASEAN, this research shall conduct a multi-stakeholders assessment in ASEAN ICT cooperation process through a series of interviews to relevant ICT stakeholders in Indonesia and Singapore as well as policy analysis to ASEAN ICT cooperation documents.

This research is funded through Competitive Collaborative Research Grant between ASEAN Studies Center and Center for Southeast Asian Social Studies, Universitas Gadjah Mada.