Tourism Governance in ASEAN: Promoting Regional Integration through Halal Tourism

Project Leader: Dra. Siti Daulah Khoiriati, MA.

This research has two main objectives. First, this study seeks to learn why Halal tourism is not included in ASEAN tourism governance despite its potential as a lucrative market, which is already acknowledged in policies of several ASEAN member countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Second, this study intends to map the characteristics of the Halal tourism implementation in each country, and thus analyze an alternative strategy for regional integration through halal tourism. This research will be focused on how ASEAN regional governance perceives halal tourism as a growing regional issues in Southeast Asia. It argues that ASEAN regional governance will play key role in the management of This research will be conducted in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, which will be understood through the prism of of multi-level governance (MLG) in Southeast Asia.

This research is funded through International Collaborative Research Grant, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada.