Health Rights and Regional Integration: Assessing Health Cooperations and Institutions in ASEAN

Project Leader: Ahmad Rizky M. Umar, MSc and Rizky Alif Alvian, SIP.

This research aims to assess the extent to which ASEAN integration process accommodates international health rights standars. Moreover, this research aims to develop an alternative framework for health cooperation that is able to fulfill their people’s rights to health as a part of ASEAN’s people-oriented and people-centred ASEAN. This research builds on literatures on “multi-level governance” that seeks to understand ASEAN regional governance as the expansion of state sovereignty to the regional level that encompass lower-level governance.  In so doing, this resarch will assess the construction of multi-level health governance from regional, national, and local level by taking two case studies in Magelang District in Indonesia and Penang State in Malaysia. By analysing the health governance through this framework, this research will map the existing regulatory frameworks on health in each level, assess their strengths and weaknessess, and suggest a new framework to address the gaps in the existing framework.

This research is funded through Competitive Collaborative Research Grant between ASEAN Studies Center and Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada.