Environmental Rights And The Perils Of Intergovernmentalism: Assessing ASEAN Cooperations On Environment (1977-2017)

Project Leader: Ahmad Rizky M. Umar, MSc.

This research will project the linkage between international cooperation and environmental rights. In contrast to studies that tend to conflate Human/Environmental Rights and Sovereignty, this research holds that these variables could be bridged by establishing a democratic global/regional governance of environment that acknowledges the multiplicity of stakeholders in environmental issues. In this context, the intergovernmental framework in ASEAN environmental cooperation will be assessed. To that end, this research will be drawing upon builds on Stevenson and Dryzek’s (2014) conception of democratic environmental governance to assess the intergovernmental framework in ASEAN cooperation in environment in order to make the case for ‘rights-based’ model for regional environmental cooperation. This research will be mainly use documentary analysis of ASEAN cooperations on environment in 40 years and

This research is funded through Regional Human Rights Research Initiative, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Lund University, Sweden.