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New ASC Book: “ASEAN In 2017: Regional Integration in an Age Of Uncertainty”

ASEAN Studies Center UGM is pleased to launch a new book that covers a regional outlook in 2017. Co-authored by four ASEAN Studies Center’s researchers, this book highlights three key issues in ASEAN regional integration and the policy prospects for integration beyond 2017. In political and security issue, Dedi Dinarto argues that Duterte’s presidency in […]


Modelling International Lawmaking in ASEAN

  ASEAN and its model of international law has always being questioned by many international lawyers for its informal nature of law-making processes in concluding agreements among member states. For them, this phenomenon is unusual because normally international law is being concluded in a formal manner to show its commitment in tackling global problems. In […]


Pengumuman Jadwal Wawancara AYIEP 2017

Berikut adalah peserta yang lolos seleksi berkas beserta jadwal wawancara yang ditentukan. Wawancara akan diadakan di kantor ASEAN Studies Center Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik, Gedung BC ruang 209. No Nama Tanggal Waktu 1 Gidion Ivan Arly 23 Maret 2017 10:00 2 Alfian B. Satrio 23 Maret 2017 10:20 3 Valentinus Yudanto Seto Damarjati […]


Bincang ASEAN Discusses “Politics in the Boardroom”

ASEAN Studies Center UGM held the second meeting of Bincang ASEAN in Friday (17/3), which invited Indri Dwi Apriliyanti (Lecturer at Department of Public Policy and Management, FISIPOL UGM and PhD Candidate from University of Agder, Norway). The meeting discussed Indri’s dissertation paper about the Politics in the Boardroom, which draws upon her on-going research […]

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Why Indonesia Needs to Reform Maritime Security Governance

  President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) seems not to show any significant progress in the aspect of maritime security governance. The reason lies under the ignorance towards the existence and role of maritime security governance as a guarantor of Indonesia’s maritime economy development. As if we invite and let people invest in our company, President Jokowi […]

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Is Indonesia Choosing the Indian Ocean Rim Association Over ASEAN?

Indonesia’s substantial involvement in IORA signifies a stage of crisis for ASEAN. From March 5 to 7, Jakarta played host to the leader’s summit of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA), which was also commemorating its 20th anniversary. Given the chance to lead the summit, Indonesia has pursued significant initiatives, including the enactment of the IORA Concord, or so-called […]


ASEAN Economic Community Today: From Neo-liberalism to New Structuralism?

In 2010, the World Bank published a book that shed light on a new framework for world development: New Structural Economics. Authored by the Bank’s Chief Economist Justin Yifu Lin, this book aims to combine old neoclassical economics with the tradition of structuralism in political economy. This attempt was resulted in what Lin called as […]


Migration-Development Nexus: The Launching of Bincang ASEAN in UGM

ASEAN Studies Center UGM has launched Bincang ASEAN,  a regular event that provides critical discussions over recent development in ASEAN. The first discussion was held in Friday (3/3) in BC 207, FISIPOL UGM, and discussed Migration-Development Nexus: Migrant Labours and the ASEAN Economic Community. At the meeting, Dana Hasibuan (Lecturer at Department of Sociology, FISIPOL […]

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ASEAN Studies Center UGM Leads Review of ASEAN Charter

ASEAN Studies Center UGM, in collaboration with the Coordinating Ministry of Politics, Law and Security arranges a Focused Group Discussion to the discuss the review of ASEAN charter, which will be brought into discussion at the upcoming ASEAN Summit. Dr Dafri Agussalim, the Head of ASEAN Studies Center UGM, spoke on some issues related to […]